James received a STEM award for his research during the Broadcom MASTERS, a science fair for middle-school students.

March of Ants Leads Teen to Success

Ants are famous for their work ethic. If you’ve ever doubted their ability to work together, check out this viral video of ants teaming up to carry a dead millipede. But exactly how good are these tiny insects’ communications skills? … more

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Holly Jackson studied the amount of force needed to break different sewing stitches for her award-winning science project.

Take Five with Holly Jackson, Seamstress and Science Fair Champion

Holly Jackson, a 14-year-old from San Jose, Calif., recently studied the strength of various stitches in a unique project that blended two of her greatest loves: sewing and science. Sewing is sometimes considered an old ladies’ pastime, but if you’ve … more

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Earth’s Most Common Mineral Finally Gets a Name

Bridgmanite, long sought, now found — in an 1879 meteorite A rock that fell from space 135 years ago has just helped scientists finally name Earth’s most common mineral. It’s being called bridgmanite A very dense form of magnesium iron silicate, … more

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Up for Debate: Should Solar Sailing Dominate Space Exploration?

As the Earth’s petroleum supply begins to dwindle, supplying space shuttles with 96% weight in fuel at launch becomes both expensive and unrealistic. Furthermore, with the loss of 18 astronauts in four space disasters, 11 astronauts in spaceflight training, not … more

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Sofia Bramante

Take Five with Sofia Bramante, Camouflage Creator

Two years ago, Sofia Bramante attended a Startup Weekend event near her hometown of Fairfield, Conn., drawn by the promise of free pizza. By Monday, the high-school junior had more than a full stomach: the event ignited a novel idea … more

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