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Member Blog: Adventures on the American Prairie

Julienne Sauer is a high-school sophomore from California whose quantum-locking research has taken her to several science fairs, including the Intel International Science and Engineering … more

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Eden Full

Take Five: Eden Full, Inventor of the SunSaluter

Eden Full says she wasn’t a stellar student in high school, but she liked working on projects “that would actually have an impact outside of … more

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Maya Varma: Spirometer Electronics

The electronics used in this project play a crucial role in the overall system by sensing the air pressure differential, converting it to a digital … more

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Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 3.07.28 PM

Maya Varma: Calibration

(above) Airflow Generator Spirometers are traditionally calibrated using a 3L calibration syringe, which costs more than $300. For my project, I built a programmable air … more

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Lena Foellmer: To Setup or Not to Setup…

This week has been an extremely eventful one for my project.  Adding the finishing touches to the circuitry and setting up the necessary tubing systems … more

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