Exploring Biology: Printing at a Hackerspace

This blog post will focus mainly on the current status of the bioprinter project. Sodium alginate was chosen as the biopolymer that will be used … more

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College Graduate

Can Three-Year Degrees Solve the College Cost Crisis?

College costs are soaring beyond the reach of average families. Student debt has skyrocketed. But a recent analysis shows a solution to these mounting concerns … more

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Up for Debate: Should all High-School Students Have to Take Physics?

High-school students are required to take biology and chemistry, but they are often not required to take physics—one of the three major laboratory sciences. In … more

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Google Science Fair winners Ciara Judge, Emer Hickey, and Sophie Healy-Thow.

Irish Team’s Farming Project Wins Google Science Fair’s Top Prize

A trio of Irish high-schoolers nabbed the top prize in this year’s Google Science Fair with a project that speeds up crop growth by tapping … more

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Cogitorian of the Week: Firedrake969

In this series, we recognize members making an active contribution to the Cogito community. I’m a high school student who is from the U.S. although … more

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