Trisha Prabhu spent a lot of time in her local library doing research on adolescents' developing brains as part of her anti-cyberbullying project.

Take Five: Trisha Prabhu, Cyberbully Stopper

Trisha Prabhu is a 14-year-old with a decidedly rich social-media life, including a blog she updates periodically with her take on current events. She also … more

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Habitable Exomoon

Alec Brenner’s Planetary Visions

Alex Brenner is a sophomore at the California Institute of Technology, where he is studying geology. The research he conducted on tidal heating in exoplanets during … more

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Cogito Webinar: “Memory: The Greatest Hits”

Learn about the incredible human capacity to remember, false memory, autobiographical memory, amnesia, and other mysteries of the mind. On September 18 at 7 p.m, … more

Young Scientists

Lena Foellmer: Dog Days of Summer

As happens in the realm of science, things don’t always turn out the way that we expect.  That was exactly what ended up happening this … more

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Honey bee

Evolutionary History of Honeybees Revealed by Genomics

The honeybee is of crucial importance for humanity. One third of our food is dependent on the pollination of fruits, nuts and vegetables by bees … more

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