Shanelle Marie Fernando

Shanelle Marie Fernando: An Exciting Presentation Opportunity

Hi everyone!  Starting my research project has been thrilling and I had the unique opportunity to present my preliminary findings at a national science fair. The … more

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Arun Johnson

Arun Johnson: Recital Night, Resin, and Lots of Nice Pictures

Hello everyone! First of all, sorry I haven’t made a post in a while. In March our school gives the second largest project of our … more

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string theory

How String Theory Was Discovered

How on earth did scientists come up with the idea that all the particles that make up reality are actually just different vibrations of infinitesimally … more

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Brent Han

Exploring Biology: Suspended Animation

According to legend, Alexander the Great had his body preserved in honey so that it would remain in good condition forever. To this day, no … more

Exploring Biology
earthquake nepal april 2015

How the Nepal Earthquake Happened

Experts explain the science behind Saturday’s deadly earthquake A little before noon Saturday in Nepal, a chunk of rock about 9 miles below the earth’s … more

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