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Ophthalmologist Explains the Science Behind The Dress

Blue and black, or white and gold? That is the question, apparently. Yes, we are still talking about The Dress, if you can believe it … more

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An example of BioArt, made with bacteria expressing 8 different colors of fluorescent proteins.

Up for Debate: Should We Create Art with Life?

Modified butterfly patterns. Boots made out of human skin tissue. What are these creations? Bioart. Artists constantly seek new media to express their thoughts and … more

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Sahil Doshi (2)

Pennsylvania Student Builds Low-Cost Battery Out of Waste Materials

More than a billion of the world’s people lack electricity. Greenhouse gases pollute the air and cause climate change. Those are two big problems, unrelated. … more

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Teens Exhibit a Zeal to Heal

Science and engineering foster creative approaches to tackling serious biomedical issues Annika Urban had a problem. A few years ago, the now-13-year-old started having difficulty … more

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Max Pine

Take Five with Max Pine, Bird Researcher and 2015 Intel STS Finalist

Max, a high school senior in New York, has found a correlation between climate and the migration patterns of eight species of birds. Along with … more

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