jillian khoo

Jillian Khoo: Preparing to Build My Prototype

It has been pretty busy since my last post! So far, I have been gathering all the materials I need to build my first prototype … more

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lena foellmer

Lena Foellmer: Funny Incident and Recent Developments

Before I go into the recent developments that have occurred in my project, I wanted to share a funny incident that occurred—appropriately, it occurred because … more

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maya varma

Maya Varma: Status of My Project

A spirometer measures the air flow rate in liters/second by making the expelled air pass through a constriction, resulting in a change in its pressure. … more

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Audrey Cheng

Audrey Cheng: Progressing

Hi Everyone! My project has been progressing well. The goal of my project is to create an efficient reaction to functionalize carbon nanotubes with peptides … more

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sarah shen

Sarah Shen: The Beauty of Science

The beauty of science is in its application. For my Science Fair project, I wanted to choose something enticing, something amazing, something… applicable. I came … more

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